St. Paul Lutheran Church 617 St. Lawrence Ave. Beloit WI  53511  608-365-7064  
"St. Paul Lutheran Church is called to be an Inviting, Christ-Centered, Spiritually-Growing and Community-Serving church where we are led by love to implement Jesus' teachings."
Rev. Viviane Thomas-Breitfeld, Interim Pastor Pastor Viviane came to serve as our Interim Pastor in March, 2017.  She is energetic, mission oriented, passionately anti-racist and loves diverse worship.  Her hobbies are listening to music, especially jazz, and going to movies.  Ask her about the last movie she saw.  Carol MacKechnie, Office Secretary Carol came to her position in June, 2015.  A former graphic artist, Carol brings a warmth to the office showing her love for the Lord.  Carol is a dog person.  Ask her about her puppy. Chet Organ, Custodian Chet took his position in 2002.  A Chrysler Corporation retiree, Chet cares for the St. Paul plant with great concern and love.  He has a strong love for the Lord and a wonderful, dry sense of humor.  Ask him about Via de Cristo. David Frank, Director of Music Ministry David came to his position in June, 2017.  David brings extensive knowledge and skill to the music ministry of St. Paul.  An accomplished organist, he also plays piano and a brings a love of various styles of hymnody and worship music.  Ask him about his “day job.”