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St. Paul Softball History Statistics 1992-2019
St. Paul softball team has played in the city Church League for the past 28 years. Many lifetime statistics have been compiled. A brief synopsis and explanation of each list is given below. The complete list of each statistical category is available here on the website. See appropriate file name. List contains all current players as well as previous players who remain in the top 10 for each category. 1. History Roster – A total of 102 people have played at least one year for St. Paul. The current (2019) players are listed first and all previous players listed alphabetically. Jim Neitzel and Roger Neitzel have played all 28 years. 2. Team Records by Year – The team has an overall record of 221 wins and 212 losses. They have won 15 trophies including the 2017 Tournament Championship. Trophies are displayed in the church library in the Michael Chapel. St. Paul was managed by Neil Ellis the first year, Art Gurholt the next 3 years and Roger Neitzel the past 24 years. They were league champs in 2001 with a 16-1 record. They were Tournament champs 5 times. 3. All-Time Leaders/Season – The top 5 players in all batting categories for an individual season are listed as well as the year achieved. 4. Lifetime Leaders for At Bats – The leader is Jim Neitzel with 1361 at bats, Sean Behm second with 1198. 5. Lifetime Leaders for Runs Scored – The leader is Jim Neitzel with 416 runs, second is Roger Neitzel with 365. 6. Lifetime Leaders for Hits – The leader is Jim Neitzel with 644 hits, second is Roger Neitzel with 616. 7. Lifetime Leaders for Doubles – The leader is Travis Alexander with 74 doubles, second is Allen McKillips with 73. 8. Lifetime Leaders for Triples – The leader is Sean Behm with 54 triples, second is Brad Kepler with 52. 9. Lifetime Leaders for Home Runs – The leader is Mike Stavn with 31 home runs, second is Dan Fiese with 22. 10. Lifetime Leaders for Walks – The leader is Jim Neitzel with 112 walks, second is Martin Scott with 96. 11. Lifetime Leaders for RBI’s – The leader is Allen McKillips with 431 RBI’s, second is Sean Behm with 391. 12. Lifetime Leaders for Batting Average – The leader for current players with qualifying seasons is Mike Stavn with a .648 batting average, second is Dan Fiese with .609. St. Paul finished the 2019 season with an 8-9 record. They were 2-1 in the tournament losing the championship game 9-19. St. Paul softball has been a great outreach program for St. Paul. This was the final year for St. Paul Softball as Roger Neitzel has retired as manager.
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